Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my documents?

All of your documents are easily accessed by logging onto our secure website Each of our clients has their own separate imaging system. You will receive a login ID and a password. AutoTrieve is accessible 24X7.

Do I have to buy a special document scanner?

No, if you should decide to scan inhouse vs. having us scan for you, any USB scanner will do. It is best to purchase a scanner that is adequate for your volume.

What hardware do I need?

You will need a scanner and a PC that has Internet connectivity. All of your images will be stored on MGIS' Raid Level 5 servers and backed up in real time at our disaster recovery data center.

Do I need to install software on my network?

If you scan vs. we scan the only software to install is MGIS ScanSend on the PC that has the scanner connected to it.

How do I know my scanned documents made it to your system?

MGIS AutoTrieve ScanSend screen shows you the exact status of the documents that you have scanned. It displays all of the document numbers that you have sent to our system. You can verify that your images have been imported into our system within minutes of scanning.

If I scan how long does it take for a scanned document to be on

ScanSend will send your images once you click send directly to Within minutes you will be able to retrieve your scanned documents.

What do I have to do to get my documents ready for scanning?

If you scan vs. we scan all you need to do is remove any staples and paper clips. If we scan, nothing. Just place the unsorted unfiled documents in boxes and contact us to arrange for pickup.

How do I enable additional fields to retrieve by on your system?

With our Phase Two Merge File Service, you can send MGIS an extract file report from your DMS software once a week. This file will contain the additional fields you want to retrieve by. Autotrieve imports the file into your system, then enabling you to retrieve by many additional fields to find your documents.

How many retrievals can I do?

You can do as many as you need to. Our pricing allows for unlimited retrievals and unlimited users from your dealership.

How long can I keep the documents online?

The cost per document includes 36 months of online storage. If needed, you can increase the number of years stored online for a nominal fee.

How many users can I have retrieving?

Your pricing allows you to have unlimited users.

Are my documents mixed in with other dealerships?

Definitely not. Each client's application on is separate from any other of our accounts. Your data and images are not comingled with others and are viewable only by you.

How safe are my documents on your system?

All images stored on MGIS servers are encrypted. Our transmissions are https that is also secured. MGIS prides itself on utilizing the latest security software for protecting/safeguarding your information.

Can I print documents that I am viewing on your system?

Yes, you can print entire documents or selected pages.

Can I email documents that are on your system?

Yes, you simply click and send emails with the images attached.

How do I add and delete users?

Someone at your dealership will have Admin rights with our system. That person will be able to add and delete users online in real time.

What if I have a large amount of retrievals to do for an audit?

MGIS offers audit on demand. You simply send us a spreadsheet with the RO numbers. Our system will automatically import the numbers and perform the retrievals. We then burn the images to a CD WORM disk for your audit. MGIS will also provide a list of any documents not on the system.

Can I add additional documents to a previously scanned image?

Yes. At any point in time you can scan an additional document and enter it in the document number on our system. The page will then be part of the original document.

Who owns the images I put on your system?

You do. We provide all images and indexed data to you on a monthly backup CD WORM disk. You can load these images and data into another imaging system without any MGIS involvement.

What do I do with the paper after it is scanned?

The paper will be in an MGIS transaction number order. The transaction number is displayed on the ScanSend screen after you have scanned a document. Just write the first and last transaction number on the front of the storage box in case you want to retain the paper.

What happens to my images if an MGIS facility is hit by a disaster?

MGIS has twin data centers. Every image you scan is backed up immediately (in real time) to our disaster recovery data center. If one of our sites ever goes down, we will immediately have you retrieving from our other site.

Do we need to add additional labor in order to scan our documents?

Currently, most dealerships have labor that files the paper documents away, retrieves them upon request, copies them, and then refiles them. Instead of filing them originally, the same person(s) will do the scanning in less time. The labor time required for retrieval, copying/faxing, and refiling is reduced to just a few clicks.